Meprag srl was founded in Milan in 1979 to provide services to companies dealing with agricultural products. At the very beginning our main activity was the brokerage of soft and durum wheat (mainly from France and Germany to Italy) as well as of other European grains but, step by step, we have also developed the market of industrial fruit.

Our current core markets are:
- EU and East Europe grains, oilseeds and by-products
- North and South American grains/protein meals
- industrial fruit
- Fertilizers

This long lasting experience allows us to know well all these markets and to provide advice on the best parity, case by case: FCA by truck or train from the origin country, DDU or CPT North Italy, FOB or CIF via container or vessel.

Since our foundation we are members of the local Grains Associations Associazione Granaria di Milano and Associazione Granaria e dell'Alimentazione di Torino. Moreover, we obtained Fosfa and Gafta memberships some years ago, to be always up-to-date in this area.

All the international market business by vessel has been traded since the beginning of the 90's jointly with our associated company Zeleny Información y Mercado SL, with head-office in Pamplona (Spain), in order to provide a worldwide view of the market and to give detailed and accurate market analyses.